MAA BOO – Iloi & Anna – Philosophy

The Greek-based label Maa Boo swimwear started in 2013 “just for the fun of it” as the two childhood friends Anna and Iloi say, which was also the title of their debut collection. It soon evolved into an authentic swimwear brand offering a wide range of fits and shapes, respecting and celebrating the multiple facets of the female form.

In a country blessed with year-round sunshine, Maa Boo swimwear is intrigued and inspired not only by the iconic and world-renowned Greek summer, but also by long sandy beaches all around the globe, exotic motifs, Californian beach culture and everything that can be –surprisingly- transformed into a print.

Their collections immediately gained reputation for their sophisticated but joyful patterns, the innovative colorways, the contemporary cuts and the soft buttery fabrics that shape up the body in the most flattering ways. In search of the perfect bikini or one-piece, maa boo swimwear is dedicated in creating unique designs with attention to detail, impeccable craftsmanship, durable materials and uncompromising elegance. Designs that capture the essence of an endless summer and that are adorned instantly by the free-spirited, bohemian-chic girls who know best that heart is where the sun shines bright; at the beach.